Third Eye Ascension: a Healing Trifecta of Crystals, Kundalini & Reiki

November 19th, 7-9pm ($25)

In this workshop, Mina will distribute essential oils and guide a grounding crystal meditation where participants will clear their energetic space and relate to their higher self.

She will transition into a kundalini practice consisting of powerful breath, mindful movement, third eye focus, and cathartic mantras, which will help process old energy, storylines, and patterns, uplifting the participants into a new, high vibrating space where they can access their inner wisdom. They will see solutions to their problems from a more neutral, broader perspective aligned with their inner Source.

During savasna, Mina will douse the participants with Reiki healing energy, as well as place activating crystals on each person, sinking the participants into the true essence of who they are, putting to sleep all that they are not. Reiki and crystals will help assist whatever healing is most needed and in the highest vision for each participant. Mina will also play a gemstone bowl that is tuned to the frequency of the third eye as which which will allow everyone to tap in even deeper and expand their clarity, confidence, and inner knowingness.