Manifesting Honey Jar

Sunday January 20th 3-5pm


Magickal Vessels, Honey Jars, Witch's Bottles are powerful tools or practical magick. They are little altars of intention of our hearts desires.

Creating a honey jar is a rich and sometimes messy process. It is fun, engaging, intentional, and magick! 

In this workshop with friends and creatives we will learn about Honey Jars and magickal vessels. 
Engage meditation and guided visualization to get to the heart of the vibration we want to send out, and the light at the heart of our passion. 
Use herbs, roots, stones, writing, and honey + jar to construct the vessel
Work with Magick 
Walk away with "how to" on working with your honey jar in various ways for your happiness, fulfillment, and success.
Our jar creation project is unique and authentic, and each becomes a soul-powered piece of wow-full magick. 

Bring a 8-10 ounce sized jar of honey. Do not bring "raw" honey, we need refined honey preferably form the hive. Molasses is also acceptable. Pro-tip if you have a favorite flavor, even if it is syrup, it is more powerful than anything in working this magick. 

  • These can be created for: 

  • Health

  • Prosperity

  • Radical Transformation

  • Change 

  • Stepping into your authentic life

  • Path

  • Career success

  • Creativity

  • Deepening your spiritual life

  • love and love and love

  • and all of the above depending on what kind of intention you create. 

  • Please note we only create these vessels for ourselves. 

$50.00 includes all materials EXCEPT the jar of honey, syrup or molasses.