Self-Love BreathWork

April 28, 3:00-4:00 PM $25

We hear it all the time:
You need to love yourself. 
The most important relationship in your life is the relationship with yourself. 
We hear it when we end a relationship, when we feel weak, not capable or not enough. 
But what doesn’t it mean to love yourself? What does it feel like? What does it look like?

By using the power of your breath we will dive deep and explore what self love looks like to you. Ana Lilia will guide you to release any self criticism and judgement. This is an amazing oportunity to nourish yourself. And with the help of aromatherapy, crystals, and energy healings done by Ana, we will open ourselves up to receive...whatever it is you currently need.

*The crystal utilized in this session is Rhodochrosite which "emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing the heart, comforting the soul, and vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace. Rhodochrosite directs love toward the self for the specific purpose of emotional healing. By empowering one to earnestly examine old wounds, suppressed feelings, and traumas of childhood or past lives, it enables one to view old situations with new information, and allows one to acknowledge and release pain, along with destructive patterns of behavior one may have adopted as a means to cope. Its vibration of self-love, forgiveness and compassion for the child within, assists in reclaiming the self one was born to be."