Cigar Drop In Reading and Clearing Experience

Saturday, Oct. 26th, 12-5pm $65/ 35min session

Using the spirit of Tobacco, in this case cigars, as a tool to access multiple planes of consciousness and is used as a divination tool.

About this Event

Cigar Drop In Readings with Oscar the Serpent King. An Aborisha in the Santería (Lukumi) faith, a clairvoyant psychic channel, and spiritual educator. Tobacco is a plant medicine with an extremely purging energy in which toxins from the energetic body are released when smoked and negative energies are absorbed into the plant when in contact with the skin. Tobacco, in this case cigars - (the more pure and concentrated the better) also provides aid in accessing multiple planes of consciousness. Using the spirit of tobacco to connect to the divine is a universal practice in almost every earth based religion, path, and belief system. You can find the use of it in indigenous/native traditions, and it is popular as well in traditional Afro-Cuban religions, such as Santería. Readings will include a cleanse of stagnant energy along with spiritual guidance. They will be offered on a first come first serve basis at the price of $65 per 35 minute session. Please RSVP ahead of time as slots will fill up fast.

Link to schedule a session is below: