Meditation Art Workshop

Thursday, March 14th 7-8pm $35

Create a masterpiece and master peace in this meditation art workshop by HeARTbreak Studios. We will use artwork creation as the access point to tapping into the flow of being with the present moment. Come take a break from the chatters of thinking mind, and move towards sensing, feeling and being. We will do this through enjoying breathwork, guided meditations, blind drawing and acrylic painting that all flows into one cohesive experience.

This session is designed to relax all of the senses through use of essential oils, color therapy glasses, peaceful music, tactile painting methods, and a healthy plant tonic giveaway thanks to our partnership with Goldthread herbs! In this way, we will “come to our senses” and be reminded of the feel good nature embedded in creating. This workshop is process (not product) focused, and does not require any artistic “skills”. All materials provided!

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