Open Eye Crystals Present: HEAD•HEART•HARA Self Care Event

Sunday, March 10th 12-6pm


Join us our SELF CARE EVENT March 10th from 12-6PM along with our amazing vendors!



Natural Perfumery + Spa Offerings

Organic + Vegan / Chemical + Cruelty Free

@yojhinnaJhinna SalinasEnergy alchemist that merges lightwork and bodywork
Steam Saunas + Herbal Blends@Anandademartini
Ayurvedic wellness expert + Yoni Steam Practitioner*Personal sauna stools with customized yoni herbal blends

Mindful Goods@theradder
Tools for the practical and the metaphysical
Palm Reading@modernpalmist
Shamanic Practitioner + Healer + Palm Reader
Chinese Medicine Auricular Therapy/Ear SeedingDr. Elizabeth Fine / Fine AcupunctureGentle and natural healing with quality acupuncture + herbal medicine