Learn To Connect With Your Ancestors

Wednesday, June 5th, 7-8pm $25

Your ancestors have a special interest in helping you to achieve your dreams, ambitions, and life purpose. As a direct descendant of their line of energy, you are now at the forefront of lifting karma and paving the way for the family’s greatest purpose!

In this class, you’ll learn how to connect with your ancestors via crystals, journaling, and meditation techniques. We’ll learn how to release familial karma (it’s not your responsibility to clear everything honey!), ask for help with specific causes (career, finances, friends, family relations, etc.), and how to connect with multiple ancestral lines!

Basically, it’s gonna be (candle) lit!

Please bring:

A Candle (tea lights are great!)

Journal / Pen

Family Heirlooms (if you have them)

Fav Crystals

Link to purchase tickets below: