Intuitive Advisor Pendulum Workshop

Monday, April 22nd, 7-8pm Free

Connect to your intuition and explore the subconscious with pendulum magic. 

When the mind is feeding too much information, clouding the decision making process, pendulums can offer clear guidance to the answer that is most aligned with your inner compass. Pendulums have long been used to tap into the subconscious mind to answer questions, predict possible future outcomes, and locate lost objects. 

Courtney Bensik, designer of Intuitive Advisors, fine crystal pendulums, offers a deeper understanding of pendulum use in this workshop. Come with an open mind and your burning questions as we explore the realm of pendulum work together. A collection of Intuitive Advisors will be on hand for practice during the workshop (available for purchase afterwards), or bring your own pendulum to tune in with.

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