Libra Full Moon: Balance Flow

Thursday, April 18th, 6:30-8pm $33

Libra Full Moon: Balance Flow

Thursday, April 18th // 6:30-8pm

Open Eye Crystals, Los Angeles


What areas of your life do you water every day? Can you feel any areas being over watered that don’t seem to be growing?

Awaken the unbalance in your life and open your soul through the art of movement in a full moon balance flow hosted by Wild & Awakened. While we can’t always prepare for the cracks revealed under the light of the lunar energy, we can change the shape of the tension that rises within us.

We invite you to find stillness in your movement and bring to consciousness any unwanted layers within the safe and loving energy of the Wild & Awakened tribe.

Realign with balance and harmony (both pertinent qualities of Libra), and learn about the Libra full moon. Harness the necessary tools to align with your power, and tap into your body/soul connection through yoga and dance. After all, the full moon is both a time for release and celebration!

What to bring & wear:

  • A yoga mat if desired, sheep skins available free of charge

  • Comfy clothes to move in

What to expect:

  • Opening Meditation Circle. Here we’ll address imbalance and balance, tension and harmony, as brought to light by the full moon in Libra. It’ll be a chance to reflect on and relate to your own experiences.

  • Balancing Yoga Flow. Get ready to move through a balancing yoga sequence that challenges you physically and mentally, while allowing you to release.

  • Intuitive Dance Session. Find your beat with a chakra activating intuitive dance session and let the feminine energy of the moon whisper through your bones, connecting your body & soul.

  • Closing Meditation. We’ll end the evening with a grounding meditation to set you off into your evening, feeling re-balanced, harmonized and grounded.

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