Full Moon Ritual

Saturday, May 18th, 4pm $33

All of life flows ebbs and flows to a rhythm and cycle, and we can gain so much insight from the greater effects of nature. If the phases of the moon affect the mass ocean tides, are you aware that it too affects your physical body made up of 60%+ water? Every two weeks, nature cues us to add and let go of things in our life during the moon phases. These are points of potent energy available for us to work with for our health, wellbeing, prosperity, and love life. The new and full moon periods are an excellent opportunity to gather in community and align ourselves in mind, body, and spirit while also harmonizing ourselves with the macro rhythm of the planet and cosmos.

We are creatures of habit, and our daily rituals create a rhythm around what we value and deem a priority. Rituals for special occasions -- such as the two major moon phases -- should reflect those values and be just as practical and accessible. That's what this ritual circle is all about. We will honor the values of physical, emotional and mental well-being and being connected that which is greater than ourselves through cleansing and nourishing modalities such as ancient breathing techniques, sound vibration, light movement, community connection, intention setting, the earth's elements and meditation.

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