Powerful Empaths Workshop

Saturday, June 8th 3-5pm $40

Benefit from a unique combination of healing and coaching! This workshop is for empathic individuals who are tired of wasting their energy managing other people's emotions. If you want to achieve ambitious goals you need to protect and increase your own energy. We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. That is why it is beneficial to increase your vibrations via energy healing and shift your thinking via coaching.

This two-hour workshop will empower you to:

· Rewrite the cultural stereotype about sensitivity and empathy and turn it into a beneficial one.

· Explore your unique powers and learn about the strengths of empaths.

· Raise your vibration by receiving Star Energy (higher than Reiki).

· Clear your energy field of emotional scars and negative energy that you picked up along the way.

· Be more confident so you can stop hiding and start being who you truly are.

· Utilize simple and powerful tools in your daily life.

· Attract healthy relationships.


Energy Healer and Coach Thomas Thornton MSc. healed himself from bipolar II disorder by turning empathy into a gift. He guides empaths who want to protect and increase their energy and attract blissful relationships by being who they truly are. HEALING is the removal of low vibrational energy and negative programming so you can be who you truly are. COACHING is the recommendation of simple and actionable lifestyle changes to make the healing permanent.

· Limited workshop size so sign up! The workshop includes presentations, energy healing, discussions, and coaching. Dress in clothes that you are comfortable in. There is no sweating involved.

· Please arrive at least 10 minutes early. Once the door is closed, we will keep it closed as we don't want to disturb other workshop participants. Thank you for your understanding and appreciation for our offerings.

· The presentation part of the workshop will be recorded, the healing and coaching parts will be confidential. By attending this workshop you agree to be filmed. If you wish not to be on camera, please inform us at the workshop.

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