Journey In Time: A Past Life Regression Workshop with the Akashic Records x Tarot

Sunday, August 11th, 2-4pm $45

In this class, we will access our personal Akashic Records and be lead through a guided meditation, back in time to revisit our relevant Past Lives & Past Life Relationships that hold strong purpose & healing to who we are today. You will be able to integrate that healing & the lessons from that life time into your current body for success. We will also explore ways to use the Tarot that will teach up more on how to reveal subconscious past lives blocks & heal from deep trauma & any lingering patterns that carry on til today. This workshop can bring up some heavy energy, be prepared to work through some important themes to release and heal.

Wearing comfortable clothes is encouraged and brining any tools that soothe and ground you, is as well. Please bring some water to assist with the healing, a personal journal, your tarot deck and oracle cards if you have!

Tatianna Tarot is an Intuitive Tarot Therapist, Spiritual Wellness Instructor, Ifa-Orisa Iyanifa Priestess and Mama! Currently based in New Orleans, she has over 20 years of experience as a Tarot Reader, providing this service as means of modern alternative therapy, aiding others in gaining awareness of their personal power, intuitive gifts and facilitating healing through deepening other’s connection with Spirit. Tatianna is also an Akashic Records practitioner, assisting/guiding others in healing deep rooted karmic patterns, past life trauma and giving insight on your soul’s journey.