Star Charts: Level 2

Sunday, September 1st, 12-3pm $44

What is your destiny point? What are you trying to release from your karmic past? What core spiritual wound are you healing in this lifetime? Who is your ideal soulmate/partner? What is your Soul's wish? What sacred flame are you protecting? There are clues within your natal chart that can reveal answers to all these questions.

In this Star Charts Level 2 (Intermediate Natal Astrology Class), we'll be diving deeper to explore sects (day vs night charts), nodal points, asteroids, and other hidden aspects of your natal chart. This class is ideal if you have a basic understanding of natal astrology but wish to evolve to the next level.

To fully participate, please email the date, time and location of your birth to Your natal chart will be printed and ready for you for the class.

Ellen is the owner of UnitedOther – a spiritual goods and hand-crafted incense company in Los Angeles built on the loving intentions of creating spiritual tools for deeper connections. She also leads collective circles, guided workshops and offers natal chart readings.

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