Flow State Consciousness for Happiness, Creativity, and Efficiency

Sunday, October 6th 2-4pm $60

Do you ever have those bursts of inspiration that put you in “The Zone”; where you achieve three hours of work in just 30 minutes? Artists, scientists, and business professionals often attribute their success to being in a state of flow, effortlessly creating with heightened productivity and creativity.

Workshop Trailer https://youtu.be/qJDm5K6XLVA

In this workshop, you will explore flow state consciousness through science, stories, and most importantly, direct experience.

The heart is the strongest area to enter into a state of incredible creative flow.

Thomas and Caryssa have trained hundreds of clients on the power of the heart/brain connection. Establishing your heart/brain connection to enter your state of flow is a powerful element in your toolbox. You will be happier, more productive, and more efficient by learning how to select the best tool for the mission ahead. You can choose among a quantum computer (heart), a serial processor (left brain), or a parallel processor (right brain).

We will empower you and show that you have a choice. Do you want to work really hard, or align and flow?

Bring water, snacks, a notebook, and a pen. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can start on time and achieve the best outcome!

About Thomas:

After receiving his Masters in Science at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Thomas started his shamanic training and also learned quantum healing. He decided to work at tech companies for nine years before accepting his true calling. His lifelong struggle with depression and mood swings (bipolar II) led to his awakening during an Amazonian healing ceremony where he experienced everything in this universe as information in form of intention, attention, and vibration. After healing himself from the symptoms of mental illness, he became a Reiki TUMMO Master and a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, training other empaths to use their gifts and be who they truly are.

Website: https://thomasbetrusted.com/

About Caryssa:

Caryssa is a trained Energy Healer, Coach, Yoga, and Meditation Teacher living in the Los Angeles area. For the past 9 years, she has focused intently on exploring self-awareness, healing, and bringing her body, mind, and soul into a balanced flow. She has personally explored how our outer state of existence is a direct reflection of our internal state of being and the streamlined effects of this on our life’s perspective and experiential reality.

Her studies in BioPsychology and World Religions have supported her growth and knowledge as both a teacher and spiritual guide to hundreds of clients. She thrives off of personal experience and continues to teach from this standpoint, helping everyone she comes into contact with to recognize their personal power and ability to change their reality.

Website: http://goldin.love/