Autumnal Equinox Ritual

September 23, 3-5 PM $25

Attune to the Autumn magick and align your magick with the season. Witches, magick makers, edge-walkers, mystics all align through these sacred doorways to find union with the changing, Autumn Tides.

This year our magick will focus on the power of water and fire, and help to integrate these energies, grounding them in the earth of our bodies, our breath and life. When we integrate and find accord with these energies within we can begin to bend and shape that energy in the world around us, helping us to integrate and find harmony with the world of nature, spirit, and the Mysteries.

This year we fall into the equinox, letting go, exploring the Three Gifts of what was, what is, and what will be.

Scott K Smith, priest on the Temple of Witchcraft, magick maker at Temple Los Angeles presents a lecture in the turning tides, and ritual to honor this time.

Meditation, chanting, guided magickal journey, water and fire, smoke and light, come and join in this sacred turning of the season. Circle cast, elemental called, Goddesses, Gods, and spirits of the season.