Circle Gathering: Goddess Guided Meditation, Abundatia

August 12, 5-6 PM $22

The Circle Gathering: Goddess Guided Meditation is a 45-minute guided meditation during which the guidance of a particular Goddess energy will be channeled with the intent of providing an opportunity to journey within and witness how the Goddess Energy works through each of us.

Sunday, August 12th our Goddess Guide will be the Roman Goddess ABUNDANTIA. Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of abundance, success and prosperity. Her name translates to “plenty” or “overflowing riches." Abundantia is a goddess of great generosity. She is a channel of riches, prosperity, abundance, opportunity and supply on all planes as she can bring increased and flowing amounts of time, ideas, inspirations, friends, visions and love. She encourages us to receive. She reminds us there is always enough.

Please bring a flower as an offering to the Goddess.