Connect w/ Intuition: Breathwork Meditation Workshop

October 13, 1-2 PM $30

We are all intuitive, but not everyone is in touch with their intuition. The good news is that your intuition is always there, waiting to be accessed. This breathwork workshop will guide you to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. By consciously breathing, you are able to put aside your analytical mind and access your intuition to get inspiration, clarity, and release anything that’s blocking you.

Ana Lilia will guide you to release any self doubt and self criticism. And with the help of aromatherapy, crystals and energy healing done by Ana, you will leave feeling connected, open, and confident.

The featured crystal will be Iolite:

Increases vividness of inner visions. Illuminates the issues one must face for continued growth. Dissolves fear of the unknown or suppressed parts of the psyche. Helps access info from past lives. Pairs well with Lapis. Chakra: 3rd Eye Physical: Eyes, Memory

Ana Lilia is a UC Berkeley graduate certified breathwork teacher and intuitive healer. Ana helps to guide people to release stress, fear, anxiety and anything else that’s holding them back from living there true potential. Ana has been featured on BravoTV, brings breathwork to the corporate world, volunteers at weSpark, a non-profit that helps cancer patients and survivors improve the quality of their life. Ana loves holding space for her clients and seeing them radiate in their light after a breathwork meditation session.