Cosmic Meditation

May 10, 7:30-8:30 PM $25

Gratitude, Connection, Cosmic Self Awareness.

Cosmic Meditation is a great way to connect the planetary alignment for each week with our daily lives. Planets are large bodies of energy which have a huge impact, not only on our interactions with one another, but first and foremost on our relationship with ourselves. Our inner being shifts and growth can be greatly expanded by aligning with the flow and cues from the cosmos!

Our Weekly Goal: To become aware of how we can use the energy of the week to expand our personal growth and broaden our lives!

During Class We Will:

.:. Do a meditational energy cleanse

.:. Discuss the Astrological happenings + our chosen crystal gridfor the week

.:. Connect with how we can take advantage of this energy and make personal shifts through guided meditation

.:. Ground ourselves and practice real life gratitude!

What You Will Take Home:

.:. How to spot opportunities for growth at work, home, and social life through self awareness cues and tools

.:. Knowledge of which crystals you can utilize to help realign your energy

.:. Quick and easy ways to reset in any situation with clearing and grounding techniques