Housekeeping for the Soul

July 15, 12-2 PM $35

Shedding the Negative Self and Embracing the Positive Self

A journey in healing, retrieving and releasing covenants, contracts and karmic ties either made for us or by us.

Sharing methods to release that stuck energy that doesn't serve.



Maria was born in St. Louis, to a Greek family that included a long line healers and seers. At the age of 6 she would catch her grandmother "talking to herself" AND who she was speaking with! The family would laugh at her, saying that her grandmother was old and a bit senile. If that were the case, then that made Maria senile too, at the ripe old age of 6. Her grandmother realized that she too could see which made the bond go from her beloved YaYa to the teacher. Guiding her in understanding and respecting the gift. Not only was this amazing woman a grandmother and teacher but a healer. It was nothing for the community to come and get herbal remedies and clearings in the home. However, the rest of the family, out of fear and denial, didn't understand or honor this, which has been past down from generation to generation.


In high school, as Maria continued to grow and her gift's blossomed, friends would come to her to solve their paranormal problems after playing with Ouija boards, calling to Bloody Mary and rock album back-masking. They didn't know what to do when their bedrooms suddenly turned into a Grand Central Station of the dead! She knew from that moment on, her abilities were a blessing and, let’s be honest, a curse as a teen. This is when she decided to walk into the unknown and explore it.

As a result, she can now assist those who need guidance, healing and a true understanding of those things that "go bump in the night".

Since her teens, she has traveled all over the country and world constantly seeking knowledge and understanding all things metaphysical and spiritual. She clears properties, she teaches and she empowers. She has studied all religions, belief systems and modalities so that she can understand the complex network of energy. She still considers herself a student especially with all the new technology and different thought process. All of which were considered taboo, but today this realm or the experience is more excepted. With all the books, t.v. shows, radio, social media the paranorm has become the norm…

Maria sees herself as an average everyday person, but with paranormal gifts. I guess you can caller her a bouncer in the rock n roll paranormal show. She constantly seeks knowledge and loves learning new techniques, new thought processes, meeting new healers and teachers.

The following are her thoughts on her own journey:

"In this ever changing amazing field, we are just now scratching the surface. The world, our history, our ancestral past are keys to opening the doors of a greater understanding of the world of metaphysics, magic, and growth.

I feel blessed and humbled that I've been given this ability. To give a voice to those who are in transition and to heal those in mourning. For those that have transitioned over and are no longer attached to a vessel it’s an honor to hear them, see them, and allow them a voice to share their story. Compassion, Truth and Respect for both you and the unseen are always a must, first and foremost in my work.

It's about you and unlocking the magic you possess. It's about taking your fears and challenges and turning them into empowerment and enlightenment. I give you the tools to take life by the balls so that you Manifest your Divine Blueprint.

I work for you with your guides, ancestors and masters to transform negativity into endless possibilities. To bridge the gab of transition and help your family to heal, cope and understand.”