Intro to Magick and Witchcraft

September 29, 3-5 $25

Magick and Witchcraft. What do these words mean? What does it mean to practice magick and be a Witch? This is a primer class for magick and witchcraft.

Ages old with origins in every culture we will take a walk of open inquiry into the roots of magick and witchcraft, through the Western Esoteric history and model that has influenced many modern movements from the New Age, Theosophy, paganism, and the current popular trend of Witchcraft and Occultism.

We will take a journey in this workshop and explore the relational nature of witchcraft, from knowing yourself and inner power, to creating relationships with the animated world of magick and life! Into Spirit and Spirits, and what it means to be in congress with them. The differences between inner and outer power.

We always leave room for the queer in these classes and events, expect a winding path. Bring questions!

Smoke, water, fire, and candles will be used in this event.