Meditation: The Mind and Unusual Meditation Experiences

October 3, 7-10 PM $35

What is happening when we meditate? The main goal is to get to know ourselves better. We learn to relax, be more mindful, find inner peace, experience higher stages of consciousness, and more. There will be good days and bad days. Along the way, we can also have unusual and strange experiences too. We may feel divine joy or connect with the astral plane. Sometimes there are repetitive thoughts or scary experiences that disturb us enough to stop meditating. Mostly, we can let those go and continue our practice, more empowered than before. This workshop will explore the sublime to the troublesome meditations, what they mean, and help you have more peace of mind. It will help you come to understand your inner landscape, let go of mental clutter, and return to the lighter, positive being that you truly are. No need to find fault with yourself. If there is a voice within that criticizes, then there is a voice within us and around us that tells us how much we are loved. Note: InannaMoon is not a psychologist, but a longtime meditation teacher.