Remedies for a Changing World: Herbs & Essences for Building Resistance

September 8, 11-1 PM $35

Remedies for a Changing World: herbs and essences for building resilience

We live in a world that is ever changing and this requires us to develop resilience in order to thrive amongst all the chaos. In this class we will explore herbs and essences to address and mediate symptoms of stress during transitions, and how to understand where you are holding stress in your body. We will talk about how to use drop doses of herbs and essences to shift your energy and each participant will have the opportunity to create their own essence blend at the end of the class. Join us for an afternoon with herbalist Fern Wynn visiting from Seattle, Washington.


FernWynn is a practicing clinical energetic herbalist out of the Seattle area. She has studied plant medicine and energetics for over ten years with herbalists and mentors up and down the pacific coast. It is her mission to encourage healing and support wherever possible in hopes of influencing a more balanced expression of the world as we know it. She sees clients through her private practice, A Wild Light Apothecary.