Speak Your Truth Breathwork

July 14 3-4 PM $25

Fully expressing ourselves can be a scary thing to do. Many of us were told as a child that our enthusiasm was too much. Or that our opinions were inappropriate. Or maybe in a vulnerable state, our emotions were shamed and rejected. And so we’ve learn to be afraid to express ourselves because we fear of being criticized or judged or misunderstood. 

Using breathwork we will gently start to open our throat chakra. Ana will create a safe space for you to release and express any emotion that hasn’t felt supported. We will use aromatherapy, crystals, and energy healings done by Ana to help you feel safe and confident to express yourself. You will leave feeling empowered and reconnected with your voice. 

The featured crystal for this class is Amazonite: Helps one speak their truth. Assists in discerning boundaries and perceiving truth. Great for difficult conversations. Pairs well with Black Tourmaline, Nuumite, Moldavite. Chakra: Heart, Throat Physical: Adrenals, Thyroid, Gout, Arthritis