Summer Astrology Workshop: Astrological transits July, August & September

June 24, 12:30-3:00 PM $40

Join astrologer Richard Simon Kahn as he explores the shifting planetary dynamics of Summer and what they mean for us individually and collectively. He will go over where the New Moon, Saturn and Jupiter fall in your chart for each month and take you through other prominent planetary transits happening this Summer. Attention will be given to Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change, now attired in the garb of Taurus and sure to produce some surprises for us!

This popular interactive workshop will help you understand what areas of your life will be highlighted, and how to harmonize your intentions with key planets as they make aspects to your birth chart.

Everyone who registers and sends Richard their birth information will receive copies of their transit charts for July-September, along with a day-by-day personal 3-month transit report.

$40 with advance registration, $50 at the door.