The Aries Collective Presents: Wellness Workshop X Physical to Metaphysical

July 29, 2-5 $75

Join the Aries Collective for an afternoon of wellness, from the physical to the metaphysical!

This workshop will be divided into 3 segments: Physical activation, Astrology 101 and Introduction to Crystals and Chakras.

Part 1

Physical activation using a unique variation of Pilates with:

Anna Alati, @missalati - Creator of The Alati Method - a Pilates Fusion Technique Anna encourages women to workout like women, not men.

Part 2

Dive into the fundamentals of Astrology with:

Natalia Benson, @natalia_benson - Astrologer for @whowhatwear, Modern Mystic & Life Coach

Part 3

Learn the Chakra system along with an introduction to crystals with:

Madison Young, @openeyecrystals - Crystal connoisseur and owner of the metaphysical shop Open Eye Crystals in Midtown Los Angeles